For the past four years, York College in Pennsylvania has hosted the Naylor Workshop for Undergraduate Research in Writing Studies. Financially supported by Mr. Irvin S. Naylor, a long-time resident of York, PA.,  the workshop matches undergraduates with faculty for a long weekend retreat full of writing, talking, and learning.

I attended for the first time last year. Dominic DelliCarpini, who holds the Naylor Professorship, is a wonderful host who is dedicated to creating a rich environment for developing ideas and developing mentoring relationships.

The fifth anniversary of the conference is this Fall. Conference planners sent out a call asking for a position statements on undergraduate research. They offered some parameters, but the call was quite broad. I knew I wanted to head back this year, but I was struggling to come up with a response to this call? What did I want to talk about, think about, learn about, regarding undergraduate research?

Sitting at Midland Coffee Shop, I finally had something: the role undergraduate researchers can play in large-scale curriculum changes, the kind my school will start undergoing in the Fall.

So I began writing. I finished. I got accepted. Jane Greer, one of the organizers, emailed and asked if she could use it as a model. That’s awesome. Thanks.

Here’s what I wrote:

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