I received tenure.

The email came first. Then a letter from the provost. Then a letter from the president. According to my university’s faculty handbook, promotion and tenure can be uncoupled and a tenure-track faculty member can apply for early promotion. I did last AY, received it, and received the salary raise specified in the faculty handbook.

But tenure is on the clock. Nothing early. So I wrote and revised and resubmitted the same documents—just one AY later.

In a previous post, I detailed the tenure process at the University of North Georgia and included the summary letter I wrote in support of my portfolio.

In this post, I’ll show the results.

First, a timeline taken from UNG’s faculty handbook. I bolded the two important dates:

Deans notify P&T candidates for upcoming academic year Apr (2nd Monday)
Department heads/coordinators appoint DPTRC members Aug (4th Monday)
Deans appoint CPTC members Aug (4th Monday)
Faculty submit the P&T applications to department head/coordinator via D2L Sept (2nd Monday)
Provost appoints UWPTC members Sept (2nd Monday)
DPTRC completes review and uploads to D2L for CPTC Sept (4th Monday)
Department heads/coordinators complete review Oct (1st Monday)
CPTC completes review and uploads to D2L for UWPTC Oct (4th Monday)
Deans complete review Nov (1st Monday)
UWPTC complete review and forward to the Provost Dec (1st Monday)
Provost notified P & T faculty members Jan (4th Monday)

By that second Monday in September, I submitted all my material to D2L, the course management software we use. Then the folder was closed on D2L. Then the folder, ever-so ominously, disappeared into the world of Committee Review—never to appear again on my screen until the fourth Monday in January.

And there I was, on the sofa with my wife, watching Frasier on Netflix, when, for some darned reason, I decided to check my email.

I’ve received a handful of Big Emails: my President Obama email (still in my inbox), my PhD program acceptance email, my book contract email. This email was a biggie, too. 7:54 PM at night. Goodness me.


But it was good news.

The letter came from the Provost the next day. It was sitting in my box.

The letter from the President came exactly a month later.

And, when AY 17-18 turns to AY 18-19, I’ll have tenure. No salary bump this time around—just some security.

View this document on Scribd
View this document on Scribd





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