I read Yancey, Robertson, and Tazcak’s award-winning book Writing Across Contexts: Transfer, Composition, and Sites of Writing.

I attended the 2016 CWPA workshop on Teaching for Transfer led, in part, by Yancey and Robertson.

I led departmental workshops on Teaching for Transfer during the Fall 2016 semester. And I secured a mini-grant from UNG’s Center for Teaching, Learning, and Leadership to purchase 10 copies of Writing Across Contexts.

I followed the UNG men’s basketball team for one season and published an article on these student-athlete’s prior knowledge, a key aspect of the transfer of learning.

Check, check, check, check.

Guess it is time to actually get this transfer stuff into the classroom. Enough reading and thinking and writing. I gotta DO something.

This semester, I worked with the UNG athletics department, particularly UNG’s faculty athletics representative, to teach a section of FYC with largely student-athletes. UNG’s student-athletes aren’t getting special privileges; the class was open to all students. The FAR just directed a lot of student-athletes to the class.

As I have argued elsewhere, student-athletes hone a different form of prior knowledge dependent upon bodily interaction with scripted plays. They, like learners, bring this unique prior knowledge to all sites of learning. As prior knowledge is vital during (successful or unsuccessful) transfer, I wanted to tap into this prior knowledge in FYC.

I’m writing a bit more about what I am doing elsewhere. But I include the course content here. 

More developments as the semester rolls on and on.






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