Supported by the Center for Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities, UNG held their 21st Annual Research Conference on the Gainesville campus this Friday.

During my time at UNG, I have been impressed by how much the administration fosters and encourages undergraduate research. Though the AAC&U identifies undergrad research as a High-Impact Educational practice alongside service-learning and writing-intensive courses and other practices, I have found few schools embracing non-honors undergraduate research. UNG does have a strong honors program, but the school, from the President all the way down the totem pole to me, focuses on injecting research into the curricula for all our students.

A big-shout out to me student, Laura Price, who presented her paper “Native American Rhetoric: How and Why Is It Important?” during the second session. Following her talk, she received an Honorable Mention award certificate. The paper began last semester in English 3120: Introduction to Rhetorical Theory when we read articles by Scott Lyons and Malea Powell, which helped students to see the significance of Native American rhetorics and how these rhetorics are often marginalized or erased from the traditional Western rhetorical canon. Laura authored a strong paper in reaction to these readings and worked on revising it this semester in our Writing & Publication capstone course.

Two more of my students gave talks on works which began in classes we had together:

  • Scott Biddulph, “Rhetoric and Human Liberty: A Historical Look at the Connections between Freedom of Speech, Democracy, Human Rights and the Negatives of Political Correctness.”
  • Victoria Payne, “Grammar, Technology, and a Bit of Evolution.

And four of my students presented posters on their work.

The next step, I tell these presenters, is publication.




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